WLL Welcomes Chef Daniella Malfitano of Plant-Based Made Easy

The WELL Learning Library today announced a partnership with Chef Daniella Malfitano. This new partnership, provides WELL Learning Library members with nutrition learning content and a variety of meal preparation courses.

New partnership expands nutrition education + healthy, delicious meal prep recipes

The WELL Learning Library, today, announced a partnership with Chef Daniella Malfitano. This new partnership, provides WELL Learning Library members with access to an expanded array of nutrition education, as well as a multitude of cooking classes with delicious, healthy, easy-to-make recipes.

Daniella is a Chef, nutritionist, Nine-time Cookbook Author, TV and Radio host, and the creator of Plant-Based Made Easy. She was the host for Disneyland California California Adventure Food and Wine Festival and hosted a regular live cooking show for many years. 

With COVID-19 forcing the park to close, Daniella has now created her own online cooking show. 

I am so excited that Daniella is joining the WELL Learning Library. Her expertise in plant-based cooking and nutrition will provide members with valuable information that can be used as a tool to have an immediate impact on their daily eating and health habits. Her presence on camera is fun, inspiring, and intoxicating. I know I will definitely be watching and preparing some of her plant-based recipes!

Jeff Allen, Founder + CEO (WELL Learning Library) Tweet

Chef Daniella Malfitano will provide her Plant-Based Made Easy cooking lessons for members of the WELL Learning Library. New recipes will be added to the library on a regular basis.


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