The first Corporate Wellness educational platform that has created an ecosystem of professionals with expertise in: health/wellness, infectious disease prevention, holistic healing, medicinal practice, sustainability, and building design/operations all within a single platform.

5 Reasons for the WELL Learning Library.

COVID-19 has created new challenges for organizations and building owners. Many companies are considering or already implementing more flexible remote work and other strategies, as we navigate the COVID-19 “new normal.” The WELL Learning Library platform provides a number of benefits that can support organizations in effectively fulfilling these new strategies.

Ongoingly provide occupants with health and wellness education.
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Keep people connected while not in the built environment.
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Educate people how to be healthy (mind, body, and spirit).
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Prepare people mentally for returning to the built environment.
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Prepare building space or portfolio with best preventive health & safety practices.
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Platform Overview.

  • On-demand, available: 24×7
  • Bite-sized, engaging courses to keep learners coming back for more.
  • Course topics include: Mental Health, Nutrition, Hydration, Movement & Fitness, Ergonomics, Air Quality, Thermal Comfort, Lighting, Sleep, and more!
  • Occupant surveys provide for further analysis into the health of your organization.
  • Platform adheres to the educational and survey requirements of the WELL Building Standard, the leading tool for enhancing health and wellbeing in buildings globally.

How Does it Work?

WELL Projects can easily fulfill preconditions and optimizations simply by deploying the WELL Learning Library. Your account manager will handle everything from the implementation of the library to the ongoing management of learner accounts to regular communication about new courses and resources that are added ongoingly.

The WELL Learning Library can support the fulfillment of up to 26% of preconditions and 21% of optimization points of the WELL Building Standard.

Search for Health & Wellness Courses

Sample Courses.

With a collection of over 40+ health and wellness courses and growing, here are a few of the evidence-based courses available on the WELL Learning Library.

Mind: A Quick Trick for Dealing with Overwhelm

Learn how to deal with uncertainty and overwhelm in life and shift your mindset to reduce anxiety in uncertain times.

Air: The Benefit of Optimal Air Quality

Learn how the Air Concept in v2 of the WELL Building Standard allows people to breathe easier through optimal indoor air.

Water: The Positive Impact of Hydration

Learn how the Water Concept of v2 of the WELL Building Standard improves human performance by promoting high quality water and accessibility.

Ergonomics 101 & Working Remotely

Learn techniques and strategies for proper workstation setup for home and the office in order to ensure ergonomic health.

Mind: Management of Personal Substance Use

Gain awareness around substance abuse disorder (i.e. addiction), including the risks of susbstance abuse and how to recognize it.

Materials: The Impact of Building Materials

Learn how building materials impact human health and how the Materials Concept in v2 of WELL mitigates these health risks.

Nourishment: Plant Based Nutrition & Meal Prep

Learn about nutrition and nourishment, while preparing delicious plant-based meals with Chef Daniella Malfitano.

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