We have partnered with some of the best minds in health and wellness to bring our customers world class learning content. These are some of the companies we have partnered with … and we’ve only just begun.

The WELL Building Standard

The International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) is the creator of the WELL Building Standard, the leading tool for advancing health and wellbeing in buildings globally. We are working closely with IWBI to ensure that the WELL Learning Library program meets all education and survey features of the WELL Building Standard.

Global WELL Consulting Company

A SustainAble Production (ASAP) is a full-service, global sustainability and wellness consulting company. ASAP is one of the leaders in supporting it’s customers to implement the strategies of the WELL Building Standard. We are working closely with ASAP to ensure the WELL Learning Library is developing world-class, evidence-based health and wellness education that adheres to guidance from WELL.

Corporate Wellness + Ergonomics Consulting Company

EWI Works brings together expertise and knowledge in ergonomics to provide its customers with innovative workplace and built environment solutions. We have partnered with EWI Works to bring you subject matter expertise in ergonomics and wellness through the WELL Learning Library.

Vegan Chef + Health Coach + Creator of Plant-Based Made Easy

Daniella is a chef, health coach, and culinary activist committed to helping people use food to heal and thrive. Her new Plant-Based Made Easy program brings people healthy, nutritious vegan options that are easy to prepare. We have partnered with Daniella to bring her wealth of knowledge and expertise around healthy eating to you via the WELL Learning Library.

Technical Risk Management Consulting

CETEC is a technical risk management consultancy with a team of educated scientists providing evidence-based solutions for the workplace environment. We are working with members of the CETEC team to bring WELL Learning Library members the best information on COVID-19 and other risk management solutions for the workplace.

Global Safety Science

UL helps their customers make buildings more valuable through asbestos and lead surveying, energy benchmarking, audits and commissioning services, water savings programs, and more. We worked with UL’s Healthy Buildings subject matter experts to incorporate best industry knowledge on building materials, indoor air quality, and health topics for the built environment directly into the WELL Learning Library material.

Workplace Systems Integration Specialists

Global Wave Integration offers innovative solutions through imagination driven science and technologies by seamlessly integrating systems for building spaces and creating intuitive and easy to use interfaces. We worked with Global Wave Integration to incorporate lighting best practices and science into the WELL Learning Library.

Substance Abuse Recovery Program

Freedom 365™ takes the content and activities of a substance use rehabilitation program and puts it into an interactive digital experience that can be accessed privately — anytime, anywhere from the convenience of your phone, tablet or PC. We have partnered with Freedom 365 to bring you substance use and recovery information, as well as access to the full Freedom 365 platform at a reduced cost.