Adventist Health Leading the WELL Movement

I recently had the opportunity to catch up with Nina Curtis who is the Director & Executive Chef at Adventist Health’s headquarters in Roseville, CA. I was so impressed by the wellness, nutrition, and educational programs that Nina and Adventist Health are creating for their associates (they refer to employees as associates). It is a true testament to the organization’s commitment to employee health and well-being.

Adventist Health has registered for the WELL Building Standard (WELL) Portfolio program, the world’s leading health-focused building standard, enabling organizations to enhance their spaces and improve human well-being at scale. The organization plans to leverage and apply best practices of WELL to their more than 20 hospitals and more than 400 medical office buildings across the western United States.

We have our Human Performance Model here at Adventist Health, and it parallels and works so well with WELL because everything we do as a company is about creating an environment so that every associate can come to work and if they are willing to take the benefit (and how far they are willing to take the benefit), they can be their best.

As Director and Executive Chef, Nina is responsible for the creation and operation of their new plant-based healthy cafe at Roseville HQ, called the Vitaliz Cafe. She is also responsible for the creation and programming at the Teaching Kitchen, which provides educational opportunities to Adventist Health’s associates around healthy cooking, eating, and meal prep.

It is clear to me that through these initiatives and programs, Adventist Health is not only making employee wellness a core part of their organizational culture, they are also expanding the presence of learning, education, and awareness throughout their organization.

I think one of the most inspiring things with the WELL nourishment (concept) is the opportunity to have a forum to create awareness.

It is great to see companies and employers investing in infrastructure that supports their people. It is especially great to see a healthcare organization like Adventist Health make their employee well-being a top priority and commitment. After all, if their people aren’t thriving at their best, how can they provide top notch health care services to others? 

Are you interested in listening to the full interview with Nina? 

Jeff Allen - Founder + CEO

Jeff Allen

Jeff is an avid entrepreneur, technologist, and eLearning expert. He is a graduate of Stanford University with a background in consulting, product management, leadership coaching, and learning & development. As founder and CEO of the WELL Learning Library, he has joined his passion for education with his passion for health & wellness. He is leading the expansion of the WELL Learning Library and furthering the educational offerings of the International WELL Building Standard, contributing to the health and wellness of human beings across the globe.